State False Claims Act Resources Include:

  1. Examples of State False Claims Act Cases
  2. The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (Section 6032)
  3. A Model State False Claims Act (PDF format) updated to reflect changes made to Federal law in 2009 and 2010 (last updated, Jan 2011).
  4. OIG TAF Power Point Presentation (PDF format)
  5. OIG Guidelines for Evaluating State False Claims Acts (PDF format)
  6. The CMS letter to state Medicaid directors encouraging enactment of state FCAs
  7. National Conference on State Legislatures on Incentivizing State False Claims Acts 
  8. Federal Medical Assistance Percentages, by State, for FY 2013 
  9. TAF publication, “The 1986 False Claims Act Amendments: A Retrospective Look at Twenty Five Years of Effective Fraud Fighting in America” (PDF format)
  10. Fighting Medicare & Medicaid Fraud: Whistleblower Statute Returns $20 for Every $1 Invested (PDF format)
  11. State FCA Laws With Provisions Regarding State Use of Proceeds and Recovery of State Expenses