The Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund is a public interest non-profit dedicated to fighting fraud against the government by incentivizing integrity. Through public-private partnerships, TAFEF advances the effectiveness of the False Claims Act and federal whistleblower programs to promote and protect the efficient use of taxpayer dollars. Since 1986, the “Lincoln Law” has recovered over $56 billion in taxpayers dollars. We are supported by our 400+ membership of experienced litigators and by donations from foundation grants, successful whistleblowers, and citizen advocates. TAFEF is the 501(c)(3) arm of Taxpayers Against Fraud, which was founded in 1986.

Specifically, TAFEF works to:

  • Educate the public, the legal community, government officials, advocacy organizations and the press about the process, history and impact of whistleblower lawsuits filed under federal and state False Claims Acts and the SEC, CFTC, and IRS whistleblower programs
  • Advance public and government support for whistleblower cases through increased transparency
  • Empower and advocate on behalf of whistleblower attorneys to ensure the proper interpretation of the False Claims Act and other laws
  • Promote the success and living legacy of whistleblower programs

Our Staff

Robert Patten, President and Chief Executive Officer
202-296-4826 ext. 1000
Email Robert Patten (

Jacklyn DeMar, Attorney & Director of Legal Education
202-296-4826 ext. 1300
Email Jacklyn DeMar (

Takeia Garner-Kiett, Director of Membership Service & H.R. Manager
202-296-4826 ext. 1400
Email Takeia Garner-Kiett (

Miranda Houchins, Communication Specialist
202-296-4826 ext. 1500
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Michael DeJesus, Public Interest Advocacy Fellow
202-296-4826 ext. 1600
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Our Board:

  • Neil Getnick, Chairman
  • Jim Breen
  • T. Mark Jones
  • Erika Kelton
  • Cheryl Meads
  • John Phillips
  • Peggy Richardson
  • Shelley Slade
  • Linda Sundro

President’s Council:

  • Kenneth Nolan, Chairman
  • Jim Breen
  • Neil Getnick
  • Glenn Grossenbacher
  • James Helmer
  • Erika Kelton
  • Scott Powell
  • Shelley Slade
  • Jennifer Verkamp
  • Jeb White

Whistleblower Board of Advisors:

  • Cheryl Meads
  • David Barbetta
  • Dinesh Thakur