Since the 1986 amendments, false claims actions have recovered over $56 billion dollars of taxpayer money. By exposing and penalizing industry-wide fraud schemes, incentivized integrity whistleblower programs have recovered billions that otherwise would have been lost to fraud. Last year alone, qui tam relators filed more than 700 new FCA cases, and DOJ reported recoveries of more than $3.7 billion, making 2017 the eighth consecutive year in which the federal government has recovered more than $3 billion in False Claims Act cases.

The federal and state governments often discover fraud not because of agency oversight or a government audit,  but through the efforts of a private whistleblower using the False Claims Act. Over 80 percent of the cases brought under the federal False Claims Act are initiated by whistleblowers, and an even larger percentage of the funds recovered can be ascribed to whistleblower actions. The data highlighted on this page features the largest False Claims Act cases by civil award amount to date.

Below are some more resources that highlight the agency of the False Claims Act: