The Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund is a public interest non-profit dedicated to fighting fraud against the government by incentivizing integrity. Through public-private partnerships, TAFEF advances the effectiveness of the False Claims Act and federal whistleblower programs to promote and protect the efficient use of taxpayer dollars. We are supported by our 400+ membership of experienced litigators and by donations from foundation grants, successful whistleblowers, and citizen advocates.

Congratulations to TAFEF member Scott Oswald and his whistleblower client, Dr. Barbara McHenry, for the successful resolution of their case! A Maryland medical center will pay more than $3 million to settle False Claims allegations -- read more:

Congratulations to TAFEF member Tim McInnis and his #whistleblower client on their settlement! Fusion admitted to violating the #FalseClaimsAct by fraudulently billing Medicare for physical therapy services that were not authorized for reimbursement:

In a recent @WSJ article detailing an FBI probe into uBiome, a lab startup, TAFEF member Roger Klein explained that uBiome allegedly used improper billing codes to overbill Medicare and avoid red flags. Read more here:

Congrats to TAFEF members Scott Oswald and Janel Quinn, and to their whistleblower client Bryan Arvey, on this great resolution! Read the press release here:

.@TheJusticeDept just warned the public that when billions in disaster relief pour in after natural disasters, like hurricanes, unscrupulous individuals use these tragic events to commit fraud. Read more:

Congratulations to TAFEF member @whistleblow_now and his whistleblower client John Murtaugh, on an outstanding outcome in the District of Maryland! ACell, a medical device maker, will pay $15 million to resolve criminal charges & false claims allegations:

Congratulations to TAFEF member @BrianJMarkovitz and his client! A Chicago-area physical therapy center has agreed to pay $9.7 million to resolve False Claims Act allegations that it upcoded patients’ RUG scores to increase payments from Medicare:

Congratulations to TAFEF members Scott Oswald and Janel Quinn of the @TELGlawyers and Wayne Allison of @AllisonLegal, and to their whistleblower client Jennifferr Baird, on a great result in their case! Read the ELG statement here:

Congratulations to TAFEF member Brian McCormick, Jr. -- Almirall, a pharmaceutical company, will pay $6.1 million to settle whistleblower claims that it paid kickbacks to induce physicians to purchase its dermatology products:

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