The Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund is a public interest non-profit dedicated to fighting fraud against the government by incentivizing integrity. Through public-private partnerships, TAFEF advances the effectiveness of the False Claims Act and federal whistleblower programs to promote and protect the efficient use of taxpayer dollars. We are supported by our 400+ membership of experienced litigators and by donations from foundation grants, successful whistleblowers, and citizen advocates.

MedStar Health Inc. has agreed to pay the U.S. $35 million to settle #FalseClaimsAct allegations that it paid kickbacks in exchange for referrals. Congrats to TAFEF members Stephen Simms & Jay Holland, who pursued the case! Read more from @TheJusticeDept:

This week, @TheJusticeDept announced that an Afghan defense contractor will forfeit $25 million to the US -- part of a global settlement that involved the resolution of #FalseClaimsAct allegations. Read the statement here:

The @CFTC’s whistleblower program just awarded an individual represented by TAFEF member Shayne Stevenson more than $2 million for providing critical information through independent analysis of market data. The CFTC's press release can be found here:

Skyline Urology agrees to pay the US $1.85 million to resolve #FalseClaimsAct allegations. Congratulations to Mary Inman, Michael Ronickher, Max Voldman & Ronny Valdes of @CCWhistleblower, & to their client James Cesare, on the successful resolution of their case. #quitam

Congratulations to @TAFEdFund members Chris Nelson and Joe Trautwein, and to their #whistleblower clients, for the successful resolution of this case. #FalseClaimsAct #QuiTam #FCA

@TAFEdFund member Jason Brown and his colleagues successfully settled claims against GenomeDx Biosciences Corp. alleging that it submitted claims to #Medicare that were not medically reasonable and necessary. #FalseClaimsAct #QuiTam #whistleblower #FCA

Happy birthday, President Lincoln! Lincoln conceived of the need for a #whistleblower statute and is known as the father of the #FalseClaimsAct — a law that remains as important as ever to keep those who do business with the government honest. #LincolnsBirthday

Did you know the IRS #Whistleblower Office made awards to whistleblowers exceeding $312 Million and collected $1.441 Billion this last fiscal year? Read the Annual Report to Congress #IRS

Senator @ChuckGrassley gave a moving tribute to the legendary whistleblower Arthur Ernest "Ernie" Fitzgerald who passed on January 31, 2019. His work and his legacy will continue to live on.

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