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April 2017:

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Loretta Lynch, US Attorney General, gets it. 

Check out what she had to say about the FCPA, SEC, and FCA: 

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Sometimes you see amazing things.

For example, how about a case resolving in less than 6 month, with a 20% relator share?

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In the attached opinion, U.S. District Judge Kevin H. Sharp denies a motion to dismiss three FCA cases filed against SavaSeniorCare, the nation's fifth-largest skilled nursing facility, which has more than 24,000 beds in 200 skilled-nursing facilities in 23 states.  The case alleges SAVA routinely billed for therapy services that were either medically unnecessary or which were unreasonable in scope.

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In 2014, the cancer-care giant 21st Century Oncology took over South Florida Radiation Oncology where Joseph Y. Ting, Ph.D worked as a medical physicist partnering with doctors to ensure that cancer patients got the safest, most effective radiation therapy possible.

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State Street Bank and Trust has agreed to pay $530 million to settle charges it cheated several government bodies when pricing foreign exchange transactions.  The case was first brought to the attention of the government by a group headed by Harry Markopolos, who first alerted the SEC about massive financial irregularities associated with Bernie Madoff.

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Clothing manufacturer and importer Motives, which has operations in China and Vietnam, has settled with the US Government for $13.375 million in response to a qui tam lawsuit. 

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Ray Moss, at Moss & Gilmore wrote a nice opinion editorial in Folha de Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest newspaper. The topic: How the False Claims Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act can help fight corruption and incentivize integrity in Brazil.

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There is a tendency for lawyers to look gift horses in the mouth. That said, says R. Scott Oswald writing in Law360, the recent 8-0 Escobar ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court was a massive win for whistleblowers and the False Claims Act:

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The ‘Big Four’ accounting firms rake in a combined total of over $100 billion dollars a year, and are supposed to give the public some confidence that the companies being audited are not involved in chicanery.

Needless to say, that’s not always true.  In fact, sometimes the Big Four accounting firms are part of the problem,

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