Testimony Of John Clark, Member of the Board, Taxpayers Against Fraud, Before House Subcommittee On The Constitution & Civil Justice

On July 30, 2014, Judge John Clark, a member of the Board of Directors of the TAF Education Fund, and a former U.S. Attorney for West Texas, testified in support of the False Claims Act and presented four concrete proposals that would help deter fraud and recover more of America’s stolen billions:

  1. Congress should allowed the United States to recover its attorney fees and expenses and a successful false claims act case.

  2. The false claims act should be clarified to confirm that "damages" caused by fraud means "gross damages".

  3. Tax fraud should be covered by the false claims act.

  4. Big fraud cases should result in personal consequences for the individuals responsible, just as they do in small cases.

“Just as no company should be ‘too big to fail’, no individual should be too important to not incur personal consequences for fraud against the government. Personal consequences are a strong deterrent to fraud.” 

“Compliance programs are fine . . . but we have seen a number of entities who have resolved False Claims Act cases, which means that they entered into a corporate integrity agreement that required a strong compliance program, went right back to the same bowl and lapping at it again.”

“I am struck by the wisdom of Senator Grassley’s skepticism about buying into a fanciful, untested, gold-plated certified compliance program. The key to compliance is integrity.”