Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund is a nonprofit, public interest organization dedicated to combating fraud against the government through the promotion and use of federal and state whistleblower laws, including the False Claims Acts and the federal tax, securities, and commodities futures trading laws.

TAF is an information clearinghouse and guide to incentivized whistleblower programs serving prospective whistleblowers, their attorneys, policy makers, and the press.  When prospective whistleblowers bring information about fraud against the Government to the TAF Education Fund, this information is evaluated to determine whether it appears to support a meritorious case.  The TAF Education Fund treats all contacts with whistleblowers as confidential. If a whistleblower is interested in moving ahead with a case, we advise them as to the process and pitfalls ahead.

As part of its public outreach, the TAF Education Fund promotes and disseminates information concerning the False Claims Act and other incentivized qui tam whistleblower programs. The TAF Education Fund publishes the False Claims Act and Qui Tam Quarterly Review which provides an overview of case decisions, settlements, and other developments under the Act.  In addition, the TAF Education Fund has established an information network to assist counsel in their efforts to provide effective representation to qui tam plaintiffs.

The TAF Education Fund also files amicus briefs on important legal and policy issues in FCA, SEC, IRS and CFTC cases, writes articles about qui tam whistleblower laws, and has provided testimony to Congress.

On a regular basis, the TAF Education Fund responds to inquiries from journalists and government officials, as well as the general public.

The TAF Education Fund holds regular conferences for whistleblower counsel, and also publishes reports from time to time about various aspects of the False Claims Act and other incentivized whistleblower programs.

TAF Education Fund is based in Washington, D.C., where a staff of attorneys and other professionals is available to assist anyone interested in incentivized whistleblower programs.