Benford’s Law is named for the Depression-era physicist who discovered (or rediscovered) that the expected frequency of digits in large lists of numbers is not even. 

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Public Citizen has updated its 3-year old report on pharmaceutical industry fraud, and one conclusion of the report is that there has been a short-term drop in financial penalties levied against the fraudsters.

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While total False Claims Act (whistleblower and non-whistleblower) recoveries were down from their record in FY 2014, a higher percentage of successful cases were filed by whistleblowers in 2015, and a very high percentage of these successful cases were initiated by whistleblowers, and declined by the U.S. Department of Justice.

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Food for thought for the next time you read a headline declaiming, “The Era of Big Settlements is Over!”

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In U.S. ex rel. Martin v. Life Care Centers of America, the court has denied Life Care's summary judgment motion and upheld the government's ability to use statistical sampling in a complex False Claims Act case involving the provision of unnecessary therapy at 82 different skilled nursing facilities throughout the nation.  The court also denied Life Care's motion to exclude the testimony of the government's expert statistician. 

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DoJ issues press releases all year long that say one thing while, at the end of the year, they announce something else.

What’s going on?

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