Congratulations to whistleblower Benjamin Carter and the law firm of Stone & Magnanini for their win this week in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund submitted an amicus curiae brief in support of the whistleblower in this case.

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The TAF Education Fund has filed an amicus curiae brief in the case of  Kellogg Brown & Root Servs., Inc. v. U.S. ex rel. Carter. The brief supports the Respondent, relator Benjamin Carter, and argues for affirmance of the Fourth Circuit’s ruling that qui tam actions are only barred under the first-to-file rule while a prior, related qui tam suit is still pending.

FCA | supreme court, Cleveland Lawrence, first to file

A False Claims Act case dealing with alleged bill-padding in Iraq by defense contractor Kellogg Brown and Root is set to go to the Supreme Court in December or January.  The issues:  whether the Wartime Suspension of Limitations Act applies even when a formal declaration of war has not been made, and whether a second-to-file case is precluded when a first-to-file case is pending and later dismissed for non-substantive reasons.

FCA | Wartime Suspension of Limitations Act, Iraq, first to file, supreme court, Carter