Joyce Branda was given the TAF Education Fund's Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of her 30-years of leadership in helping recover more than $50 billion back to the federal government through the use of the federal False Claims Act. Ms. Branda has been a model public servant working to reconcile diverse, competing, and sometimes conflicting, voices and interests. Through it all, she has been a steward of America’s tax dollars and of the False Claims Act itself. The TAF Education Fund's Lifetime Achievement Award has only been given out six times in the past, and Ms. Branda is the first government recipient.

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If you settled a case any time the last 10 years, there’s something you and every whistleblower should know.

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On March 4th, the Internal Revenue Service issued a Sequester Notice from the Whistleblower Office announcing that under the current budget sequestration the IRS would be making a reduction in awards under the IRS whistleblower program of 8.7%. 

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TAFEF Integrity in Goverment Awards 2012

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