This Week in Fraud is a peek into the world of whistleblowing and incentivized integrity programs. Each week we highlight important case settlements, industry developments, and general points of interest. Take a moment and see what is happening this week in fraud. 

FCA | Brian Frosh, Ken Paxton, Medtronic

Past Allegations against Medtronic include kickbacks to physicians, promotion of products for non-approved uses, and Trade Agreement Act violations.

FCA | Medtronic, Hall of Shame

February was a busy month for the False Claims Act. More than 15 settlements were announced, netting approximately $238 million. To date, recoveries now exceed $1 Billion in FY2015!

FCA | Medtronic, AstraZeneca, MetLife

The IRS is in a billion-dollar transfer tax battle with Medtronic, a company that has been repeatedly nailed under the False Claims Act for Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

IRS | transfer pricing, Medtronic