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US Attorney Preet Bharara said that 'slush funds' held by the government, should set off the alarm bells for all honest elected officials: 

“The public deserves to see where their money is going and for what purpose. Who puts the money in? Are there subcontractors? Shell companies? Be on top of that. Be wary of slush funds for council members.”

| Preet Bharara

The Los Angeles Times recently explored the high cost of fast tracking drugs at the Food and Drug Administration.

Top Cases | Genentech, Brian Shields, FDA, Thalidomide

In an interview with Roll Call, Grassley made his position on whistleblowers transparent: 

FCA | Sen. Chuck Grassley

Senator Grassley explained in an interview with Roll Call about some of his thoughts on the new adminstration and a letter that he penned with Represenative Chaffetz and Represenative Mark Meadows:  

| Grassley, Whistleblower

MedStar Ambulance Inc. will pay $12.7 million to settle a non-intervened upcoding case in Massachusetts.  This case was initially declined by the government, but because of the tenacity and hard work of attorney Jeffrey Newman, and the courage of relator Dale Meehan, it moved forward  and, in the end, they were awarded a 28% relator share for their extraordinary efforts.

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